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Philippines Backpacking Guide
Backpacking Vietnam | One Month Travel Guide
The Avatar Mountains | Zhangjiajie National Park
The Bali Bible
Exploring Tianmen Mountains | Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

So your off on an incredible adventure. You’ve your passport at the ready, boarding passes printed and your backpack packe….oh wait. The dreaded packing. I’ve been there and can completely relate to how stressful packing for a trip can be. It can actually be the most stressful part of going…

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Travelling Thailand

Travelling Thailand

Everyone has to experience the mayhem and magnificence that is Thailand. Yes, it is extremely popular and touristy but it’s that way for …
Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel Guide

It’s been awhile since my last blog post, so what better time to write one then sitting on a six hour train through …