Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, Baby!

For me Vegas was the perfect paradox of sophistication and sleaze. So many people told me we would have “the time of our lives” there while others said it was “the tackiest place they have ever been”… and it was exactly a melange of the two.

Only in Vegas will you bump into an Elvis look alike with a glittery show girl on his arm at four in the morning.  Sip on a three foot high frozen margarita at 9am or watch a 90 year old toss back a G&T while feeding the slot machines. You can have lunch in Venice, dinner under the Eiffel Tower, party in ancient Rome and wake up in an Irish bar in New York.

Las Vegas Strip

Vegas really is one of the strangest places I’ve ever been and you will see all walks of life here. Time is irrelevant. There are no clocks in the hotels and it is rumored they pump oxygen into the casinos to keep you awake. You can literally stay in your hotel for a solid four days straight without venturing outside once.

The atmosphere is amazing and you really feel as if you are in a different world.

From the minute you land in the Nevada dessert, you realise Las Vegas is just this massive Disneyland for adults in the middle of nowhere. I found it so fascinating.

I was so excited to the place that is featured in so many movies I’ve seen in real life. It was exactly how I imagined it.

We stayed in the New York New York hotel and it was amazing. I love how every hotel is themed to an absolute tee. We spent hours strolling through the different hotels in complete awe. A must do in Vegas (apart from the immense drinking and occasional go of the blackjack machine) is to see the fountains at the Bellagio. The fountain show runs every half hour so you have no excuses for missing it. I loved it so much we actually went back a couple of times to watch.

Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas_The Wander Women Blog

Another must is to visit downtown Las Vegas to the old strip on Fremont Street. This place is the definition of Vegas at its tackiest; and I LOVED IT. Here you can zip line across the whole strip doing your best superman impression. I am not going to lie, it looked absolutely terrifying. We had originally planned on doing it but completely chickened out! Having said that, when I go back I am making myself do it! (I may live to regret this written proof).  The tribute bands and light-shows here are amazing. I would really recommend venturing down here for the real Vegas experience.

Fremount Street_The Wander Women Blog

Downtown LasVegas Fremont Steet

Vegas was one of the most expensive places I’ve been, but emptying my purse never felt so damn good! The pool parties, the casinos, the people and the atmosphere…it’s all here for the taking. In Sin City you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

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